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Elite Physique Transformations, LLC in Douglasville, Georgia helps you achieve the winning bodybuilding physique that you desire. Whether your goal is to gain muscle mass or achieve enhanced definition, we are capable of helping you accomplish just that. Get a glimpse of how we prepare athletes for competition.



In June of 2016, I began to make plans to walk on stage as a Men’s Physique competitor. As a personal trainer, I thought I had a good concept of what it took to become a successful physique competitor. I began my own prep 13-weeks out from my first all-natural show, which was scheduled for October 8th, 2016.

After prepping myself for the first 5-weeks, I realized very quickly that I needed some assistance since I began to see my transformation plateau and knew that the final weeks heading up to the show were CRUCIAL. I searched for a trainer who had a very high success rate with competitors and genuinely cared about each client’s success. I soon met with coach, Skip Gillon.

Skip was renowned in local physique prep circles. I began my training soon after meeting with Skip, 8-weeks out from my first ever Men’s Physique competition. Skip was there for me at all times of the day.

He worked with me diligently when it came to dissecting my nutritional, supplemental and workout needs. He also referred me to his best competition posing coach and even suggested the classes in which I should compete. Week by week, I began seeing crazy transformations in my physique! Skip’s detailed nutritional guidance was very organic thereby minimizing stress to my body and making my prep process so much easier than I expected it would be.

Approaching 1-week out from my competition, Skip suggested that I register for the Men’s Physique Open class so that I would also have a chance to earn my Pro Card. I was a bit anxious and had only registered for the novice division. I didn’t even consider attempting to compete for my pro status at my first competition.

Skip saw something in me that I did not even see in myself at the time, and I am very thankful he did. In my first ever Men’s Physique show, I walked away 1st in the Novice Class, 1st in the Open Class and as a new SNBF Men’s Physique Pro. I am very thankful for everything Skip Gillon helped me accomplish throughout my transformation!

- Dylan J. Allen, Pro Men’s Physique, NASM-CPT

I started working out to prepare for my first bikini competition in November 2015. Being my first show, I had no clue what I was doing when it came to my nutrition. Skip sat down with me and went over all the information for my nutrition. Each week, I either saw him at the gym or sent a picture to document progress from week to week.

Skip did not provide me with a cookie-cutter meal plan, rather took into account my physique, workout regimen and personality, to help me create a customized meal plan that was perfect for me. During our check–ins, Skip was always alert to details, professional, positive, constructive, and was patient with my over the top Type-A personality.

Not only is Skip an exceptional coach, but he also acted as an amazing mentor to me. Outside of our check-ins, he made himself available for all of my many first-time, competitor questions regarding tanning, bikini fit, show-day activities, hair, makeup, etc. He helped me throughout my entire show preparation. The day of my show Skip made himself fully available to me as I texted him pictures of my hair, make up, and suit placement to make sure everything was perfect.

As just my nutrition coach, he did not have to invest this much extra time and energy, but Skip truly cares about his clients. Working with Skip has been nothing but a pleasure. He has immense first-hand experience and expertise with bodybuilding competitions and is a priceless source of information.

He is also highly educated in health and fitness and is always striving to learn more and expand his knowledge base and skill set. He is a true inspiration to me as I continue on my bikini journey. Skip's future is limitless and I am so happy to be one of his clients!​


- Erynne Wilson, Bikini Competitor

I have known about the trainers at Elite Physique when the name was just a thought! I was new in the bodybuilding world and my previous coach had moved out of state and I was doing a lot of the work on my own. Upon a chance meeting I was able to meet the family behind Elite Physique and was ushered into a world that continues to Amaze and Bless me!

These trainers are ‘Outstanding Masters” of their craft; incredibly intellectual with vast amounts of health and fitness knowledge; expert in weight training, diets, eyes for detail; and warm, spontaneous personalities that make workouts not only fun but worthwhile.

The Masters behind Elite Physique are both brimming with the brains to help anyone and everyone achieve individual goals whether it is to be less dependent on medication, weight loss, the bodybuilding stage, or overall health. The Elite Physique team is the “real deal” in an industry full of “wannabees” and fakes and are the standard by which any trainer should be measured.

I have been on the body building stage more times than I choose to count and have placed in the top ten for many of them! Mind you my goals are to be better and do better yet, the Elite Physique team stands by me and my dreams supporting and pushing me to be the best I can be and when it doesn’t always work out in my favor, there is always a plan put in place to make my mishaps from one show into goals and wins for the next!

No workout is ever the same, and my coaches “Jedi Mind Tricks,” have always pushed me to work harder than I am expected. If you are serious about changing your life …. No Matter what the reason, The Elite Physique Team will lead you from Conception to Fruition!!!!

With LOVE,

- Cleveland Graham, Professional Men’s Bodybuilder/Classic Physique Competitor

In August of 2015 I made the decision to hire Skip as my diet and training coach. Our goal was to compete at the inaugural Lee Haney Classic. I trained mostly by myself because of my work schedule but when I was able to predict my schedule, I would let Skip know and he would meet me wherever I was training.

Skip provided me with the necessary supplementation, knowledge and diet to get us to where we needed to be. The diet wasn’t a hardcore diet either. He incorporated refeeds, cheats whenever needed within certain boundaries. He also provided the necessary support and training to develop any lacking areas.

When showtime came, he provided me with my tan, posing advice and was backstage to let me know when to eat, drink, and pump up. He didn’t treat me like I was just another customer; he treated me like family. I’m looking forward to my next show and having Skip coach me to my pro card.

-Greg Dawson, Men’s Physique Competitor

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