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Based in Douglasville, Georgia, Elite Physique Transformations, LLC is a fitness organization that offers on-line nutritional guidance nationwide to the novice and experienced competition physique athlete alike. The methods we use are all designed for you to achieve the muscular physique you desire.

Online Nutritional/Transformation Guidance

We provide the nutritional and transformation guidance through weekly interaction and check-ins. We monitor your progress and also suggest possible changes to workout routines, etc. to enhance your progress.

Off-Season Pre-Contest or Peak Week Preps

Whether or not you are planning for a competition in the coming months, we can take you from your current physical situation and transform your physique into its ultimate state.

Posing/Tanning and Competition Assistance (Day of the Show)

We have some of the best posing coaches in the business. Arrangement can be made to have us at your event for a nominal charge. Tanning is available as well for an additional fee. Show day guidance is included in every package with a nominal charge for in-person assistance (usually cost of admission and backstage fees).

Our Packages

Online Bodybuilding Show Preparation

This is for physique athletes (i.e. bodybuilding, classic physique, figure, bikini, and physique) at $180.00 per month. Cost includes diet, workout recommendations, and weekly monitoring.

Diet Plans and Consultation for Non-Competitors

This program cost $500.00 that must be paid in advance. Cost does not include training. Diet is modified as needed for 12 weeks.

Transformation Session Prices

We provide quality one-on-one transformation sessions for the gym novice as well as the seasoned fitness enthusiast. We specialize in aesthetic physical transformations based on sound nutritional and supplement planning. The goal is to educate the client so that he/she is able to incorporate fitness into his/her lifestyle with minimal inconvenience.

Transformation Packages

(Includes training, nutrition and supplement advise)

 Basic One- Person Package

One-Hour Session - $85.00 (for Sessions Totaling Less Than 12)
Program Setup - $500.00 (Includes Three Different Workout Routines/Body Part and Meal Plan Overview)
One-Hour Sessions - $75.00 (Minimum of 12 Sessions Paid in Advance)
11/2 Hour Sessions - $112.50 (Minimum 8 of Sessions Paid in Advance)
Two-Person Rate - $120.00 (Training at Same Time and With No Allowances for Missed Sessions)

Program Set Up- for non competitors
One-Hour Session
72 sessions (1 hour)
One-Hour Session (12 @ $75.00 each)
144 sessions (1 hour)
48 sessions (1hour)
1.5 Hour sessions ( 8 @ $112.50 per session)
72 sessions (1.5 hours)
12 sessions (1.5 hours)
144 sessions (1.5 hours)
48 sessions (1.5 hours)

Basic Two-Person Packages

12 Sessions - $1,440.00
48 Sessions - $5,184.00 (10% Discount)
72 Sessions - $7,344.00 (15% Discount)
144 Sessions - $13,824.00 (20% Discount)

Two-person session
144 Sessions
12 Sessions
48 Sessions
72 Sessions

Posing Sessions

with NGA/IPE/ANBF/IFPA Bodybuilding Pro and Certified Judge Skip Gillon 

(Men and Women’s Bodybuilding, Women’s Physique, and Men’s Classic Physique)

                                                                                                                                                $90 per Hour
$50.00 per Half-Hour

One-hour Posing Session
Half-hour Posing Session

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